Children Christmas Craft Ideas

How to Make Two Simple, Inexpensive Chrsitmas Ornament Crafts for your Tree

Christmas is a holiday where all kinds of kids crafts are created at home and in the school environment.

Crafts for kids, however should be an activity that should bring fun and excitement to childrens activities aside from adding a bonding to the adults that are doing the projects with them.

Educational arts and crafts is a way of doing crafts with children where they are not blindly copying the adults model but are creating things that they are capable of creating at their own developmental level.

When children create at their own level a number of things occur.

It creates a great feeling about themselves, as who can feel good about crafts projects that are copycat models of someone elses. Crafts creations done by children that they know is their own makes their self image soar.

An even more beneficial side to educational arts and crafts is its inherent allowance for creativity.
There is hardly anything more that cramps a child’s creativity than being expected to totally copy and adults rendition of a project.

Under the banner of educational art are between 4-6 types of activites.
There is the cafeteria style that allows children to choose materials to work with, there is process only art where the process is what counts along with a few more.

The point of it is that all of the crafts under educational arts and crafts should be age appropriate, and allow for freedom of creation and expression.

Below you will find two very economical, and easy to make Christmas craft ornaments for your tree.

The first one uses plastic throwaway cups:

Offer the kids permanent markers in many colors for them to decorate their cups. The more the children color over the cup with markers, the brighter the decoration will be.

When they are done, take a cookie sheet and put the cups upside down on it and put in the over at around 350 degrees. Allow them to stay in for a few minutes as they melt. You need to make sure that they are watched carefully in the oven or they will totally burn down. This part must be done by adults only as it gets very hot.

When they are cool, make a hole in the center and use colorful ribbon to hang as an ornament for your tree.

Another idea is a good recycling activity as well as an art activity, using old dvd’s and cd’s.

And next? Allow the children to add all sorts of decorations and hang them from the tree.

There are tons of ways of enhancing the cd’s.

You can color with permanent markers, glue and glitter them, collage over them, decoupage over them, and decorate them with whatever shiny, decorative materials you can find.
Once they are done, get some pretty ribbon and hang them from your tree.

If you want to see what a crafts acitivity done in the cafeteria style is like then check out this Hanukkah Crafts collage

Sizzix Easy Simple Christmas Crafts Ideas With Brenda Walton

Christmas Crafting With Kids

Christmas Crafting With Kids


The festive season is the perfect time for crafting-getting busy with glue, paper, and scissors will fill kids with anticipation and excitement. Christmas Crafting with Kids is packed with more than 35 fun and imaginative seasonal projects for both boys and girls. There are dozens of achievable ideas for decorations, gifts, cards, and even handmade gift wrapping. Little crafters will enjoy making festive decorations such as paper chains, crackers, and handstitched stockings, as well as perfect gifts like cute snow shakers, decorated photoframes, and delicious chocolate brownies! All the classic crafting techniques are covered, from potato printing to sewing, baking, decoupage, modelling, stencilling, and more.

My First Christmas Craft Book

My First Christmas Craft Book


For children who want to give Christmas a personal touch, this creative book is packed with inspiring ideas, from cute and colourful decorations and pretty handmade cards to delicious Christmas treats to eat and give as gifts. Chapter 1, Decorate Your Home, includes ideas on how to give every room a festive feel, such as paper snowflakes, Christmas bunting, and a Santa snow globe. In Chapter 2, Decorate Your Tree, there are inventive ideas for home-made baubles and other pretty tree decorations. In Chapter 3, Wrap it Up, children learn how to design wrapping paper and cards, such as the button snowman card and tissue reindeer card. Finally, in Chapter 4, Christmas Sweets and Treats, there is delicious festive food such as marshmallow snowmen, marzipan penguins, and cookie tree decorations. With these easy-to-follow projects, children can impress their friends and family with their Christmas crafting skills.

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