Crafty Fox Design Ideas


Crafty Fox: Alternative Foxy Design Ideas


Are you in need of new craft ideas?

When you are planning your next craft project, do you sometimes struggle with finding a new theme or character that will boost your unbridled enthusiasm and challenge your creativity?  Maybe you are stuck on using the traditionally cute but overused themes of cuddly teddy bears, dolls, penguins, rabbits and such-like.

Well, what about considering the fox? Think about all the characteristics of Foxy and you will begin to think up so many possibilities for using this crafty critter as your future mascot. Remember the popular hand puppet Basil Brush Show on TV, The Incredible Mr Fox movie, the very clever Brer Fox in the children’s book by Uncle Remus and in the video game Disneyland Adventures? He is also being successfully brought into play as the sociable, charming and funny host for the funky UK online bingo site


The traditional reputation of the fox symbolizes being smart, cunning, crafty, wily, sly, charming, witty, seductive, resourceful, sexily attractive and fun loving.

When I think of the foxy character, I immediately imagine him stylishly dressed in a velvet smoking jacket and cravat, sporting a pipe and entertaining a party with his wit and repartee.

There is a somewhat two edged sword quality about the personality and nature of the fox which makes him such an interesting and refreshing icon to make use of regarding craft project ideas.

As an example of Fox related crafts, I really like this excellent Fox scarf design. The design plan can be brought as a PDF from CutPasteCreate on Etsy. The image shown is from fiddlegirl8 at who employed the use of orange and cream coloured fleece (which is rather ironic material for a fox!) to make her wonderfully fun scarf. The only stuffed parts are the head and tail. I guess the scarf could also be made using felt. I think this concept is so much nicer than the idea of wearing an actual dead fox around ones neck, don’t you?


There is another simpler and perhaps easier design for a fox scarf by PrudentBaby which is free here


This design could be readily adapted to your own personal interpretation. If you are inspired to make a Fox-like scarf yourself, please feel free to post a picture here and show us what you have made!

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