Cricut Deep

Cricut Deep
I just got my cricut machine…need some help….?

I just got my cricut, i got the smaller one. I use it for projects for school (im an education major so i use it to make bulletin boards, notebooks, etc). I was told to use card stock paper so I got some; and it doesn’t cut all the way through. Is there anything I can do that will cut deeper into the paper?

To get the deepest settings you need to put the pressure up to max and put the blade depth on 6 (spin the numbers on the blade housing until the arrow is pointing at 6).

The little bug doesn’t have multi-cut option but you can try this, sometimes it works:

After it’s done cutting do NOT press unload mat. press load mat and it should bring it back to the starting position. hit repeat last and press cut. It should go over what’s been already cut. It only works when you’re using the bug the regular way not connected to a gypsy or computer. Also try getting a brand new blade. I’ve always been able to cut through bazzil textured card stock on the first try with no problem.

Cricut Deep Cut Blade

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