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How To Use An Embroidery Machine To Embellish Your Scrapbooks

SE-400] Sewing and Embroidery Machine to embellish your pages.
You can create a unique three-dimensional style for your scrapbooks simply by adding some embroidery to your pages. The embroidery stitches can even have a purpose beyond decorative by securing other elements to the page at the same time as creating the design. In addition, the embroidery thread itself adds color, texture, and depth to your design.
Here are some fun ideas for projects:

  • Embroider titles of pages and photos using the monogramming feature
  • Embroider the corners of the binder for a unique photo album look
  • Embellish the pages with frames and borders in all sorts of designs. I particularly like the old Italian styles from Florence.
  • Sprinkle all sorts of fun and cute little designs over the pages.

Techniques For Using An Embroidery Machine For Scrapbooking

  • Use coordinating fabric for the background of the entire page.
  • Add an embroidered Christmas or other special message with the date
  • Embroider a frame for the photos using one of the built-in frame patterns
  1. Use the trial feature in your embroidery machine to test out the size of the shape that you have chosen. Sew out with a straight stitch for the initial frame pattern. Sew out the shape of the frame (note the size of the frame that you have sewn out.)
  2. Cut out the center of the frame fabric along the straight stitching, while the fabric is still in the hoop.
  3. Use the Back button to select a decorative frame in the same size, proceed to embroider.
  4. Place the photo behind the embroidered frame.

How To Sew and Embroider on Paper
The techniques for sewing on paper are basically the same as sewing on fabric with a couple of important adjustments.

  • Be sure that you have enough thread in the bobbin. Paper, unlike fabric, will have permanent holes that show if you sew without thread.
  • Instead of tying off the thread ends or back-stitching, use a dab of glue or a small amount of clear tape to adhere the loose threads to the back of the work.

Embroidering and sewing is an easy and fun way to add interest and design to your scrapbooks. You can use any type of paper and thread to get just the look you want. You can sew papers together or simply embroider to embellish. If you want to add embroidery designs to your pages, you can find many different designs on the Internet for free downloading.

If you have an embroidery machine such as a Brother SE400, you’re good to go. If not, check out the Brother SE400 Reviews over at The Brother SE400 Enthusiast to find out if it’s the right embroidery machine for you.

Sizzix Easy Simple Christmas Crafts Ideas With Brenda Walton

Christmas Crafting With Kids

Christmas Crafting With Kids


The festive season is the perfect time for crafting-getting busy with glue, paper, and scissors will fill kids with anticipation and excitement. Christmas Crafting with Kids is packed with more than 35 fun and imaginative seasonal projects for both boys and girls. There are dozens of achievable ideas for decorations, gifts, cards, and even handmade gift wrapping. Little crafters will enjoy making festive decorations such as paper chains, crackers, and handstitched stockings, as well as perfect gifts like cute snow shakers, decorated photoframes, and delicious chocolate brownies! All the classic crafting techniques are covered, from potato printing to sewing, baking, decoupage, modelling, stencilling, and more.

My First Christmas Craft Book

My First Christmas Craft Book


For children who want to give Christmas a personal touch, this creative book is packed with inspiring ideas, from cute and colourful decorations and pretty handmade cards to delicious Christmas treats to eat and give as gifts. Chapter 1, Decorate Your Home, includes ideas on how to give every room a festive feel, such as paper snowflakes, Christmas bunting, and a Santa snow globe. In Chapter 2, Decorate Your Tree, there are inventive ideas for home-made baubles and other pretty tree decorations. In Chapter 3, Wrap it Up, children learn how to design wrapping paper and cards, such as the button snowman card and tissue reindeer card. Finally, in Chapter 4, Christmas Sweets and Treats, there is delicious festive food such as marshmallow snowmen, marzipan penguins, and cookie tree decorations. With these easy-to-follow projects, children can impress their friends and family with their Christmas crafting skills.

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