Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids


The festive season is around the corner – so why not get into the spirit of Christmas using your card-making skills to create beautiful and unique paper crafts and cards?

Giving a handmade card is a wonderful way of expressing your personal thoughts and demonstrating to people how much they mean to you.  Making your own cards can also be an easy way of saving some extra dollars for those special items over Christmas.

And because card making is one of the easiest things to do when it comes to crafting, even a total beginner can come up with stunning creations.    Simply type in ‘Christmas card making ideas’ into the search engine and you will have a treasure trove of inspiration at your fingertips from the scrapbooking community as well as from the various craft supplies stores….AND you’ll also have plenty of video demonstrations giving you step-by-step instructions on card-making, so there’s no excuse not to try!.

Many of the craft store websites and scrapbooking blogs will also have templates for card-making to get you started.

For those who already do scrapbooking, making Christmas cards is a wonderful way of using up all those bits and pieces that you’ve accumulated during the year.  Don’t just think about patterned paper…you can use just about anything for card making and crafting….lace, ribbon, felt, magazine cuttings, cotton wool, ice cream sticks, fabric scraps, stencils, glitter, marker pens, aluminium foil…the only limit is your imagination.

Just don’t forget to make the cards to fit the envelopes !

Making your own cards is also a great way of entertaining the children after Santa has gone …what about getting them to use up crafting materials such as Christmas paper, ribbon, tinsel and decorations to make their own ‘thank you’ cards to send to relatives and friends?

So, ho, ho, ho…it’s nearly Christmas time…so jump online and have a look at all the fabulous ideas for paper crafts from the craft stores and spread goodwill with some beautiful handmade cards.

Cute & Easy Christmas Craft for Preschoolers : Crafts for Kids

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