Fabric Bty

Fabric Bty
Prom dress- I need shoes!?

I have someone making me a prom dress. It’s not going to be too long, but short enough to see my shoes.
I need shoes, though!
It’s bright neon orange, and I want shoes to match it… Anybody know of any stores? I found shoes on eBay already… but nothing is too formal or matches close enough…

Or can I even somehow buy some shoes and put some orange ribbon on it? Tacky?

This is the fabric:


I don’t need silver shoes. I need orange. :D


heres a website with orange shoes. idk what your budget is but theres some cheapish ones. :-)
click the more products buttons, thers like 52 pages of orange. lol

or you could wear like silver jewlery and silver or black shoes.

Fabric Battery Pouch

Yellow Dog Design DDB-BTY Butterflies on Yellow Ding Dog Bell

Yellow Dog Design DDB-BTY Butterflies on Yellow Ding Dog Bell


Yellow Dog Design, Inc, is a dye sublimation/heat transfer printing company specializing in the design and manufacture of a unique line of pet collars and leads, as well as Equine fashions, in their local NC facility. This line is passionate about the product as evidenced by the 5 awesome canines that come to work with us everyday, 4 Labs, and 1 Dachshund. They are our models and some of the best product testers in the industry. Train your dog to ring the bell when he has to go. All Ding Dog Bells are 26″ in length with 1″ wide fabric. Pattern: Butterflies on Yellow.

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