Faille Bengaline

Faille Bengaline
how to measure fabric (ebay)?

I’m looking to purchasing some fabric for use as a green screen. problem is i’m not sure how its measured. i would ask someone else in my house hold but its 4am could some one elaborate how this person is selling the fabric

I understand 1 yard is 48” but on the bottom in detail it says its 50” wide so would that make it if i purchased 1 yard. id receive a piece of cloth 50”x46” or 4.2ft x 3.8ft and if i purchased 5yard 21ftx19ft
ment to switch the sizes around 4.2ftx3.8ft ad for 5 yards 4.2ftx19ft

One yard is 36″. The cloth is on a roll which is 50″ wide. If they unroll it and cut off one yard, the resulting piece of fabric will be 50″ x 36″, or 4’2″ x one yard. Two yards will be 50″ x 72″. The 50″ cannot change. The other measurement can. And be sure that colour will work as a green screen. It’s a lot more yellow than the usual green screen colour. I’d also try to check to be sure the texture and sheen will work. Look up bengaline and faille. They are usually described as being “ribbed”, having a texture of fine lines, and they can be slightly shiny.

You are using 4.2 to describe 4′ 2″ and they aren’t the same thing at all. Point 2 of something is 1/5 of it. 2 inches is 1/6 of a foot. Inches are never expressed using decimal points. 4.5 feet is 4 feet 6 inches, not 4 feet 5 inches.

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