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  • Crafts Market is a valuable on-line source of information on products, materials and instructions for craftspeople. Please expect the unexpected…..
  • Very often you will find materials used in a certain craft to be much cheaper or more readily available than another craft. Also, the materials may be used in a way that is unexpected. The same applies to craft techniques.
  • Cross referencing can help the crafts person gain a wider understanding of their own craft by looking at other crafts.
  • Sometimes, sourcing materials and products from outside of a particular craft’s normal suppliers and methods can lead to very interesting results. There is much to be said for finding things in such a random fashion.
  • Crafts Market is meant to be browsed, wandered through and explored. Have a look and find out something new every visit.
  • Each post showcases a range of related items for sale. Feel free to have a look at the latest offers.
  • This site is designed to be a cross reference for crafts of all kinds and for all ages.
  • It is hoped that you find something new here that is totally unexpected which helps a craft process become easier or cheaper.
  • There are also interesting ideas popping up here that teachers can use to create interesting school craft projects. Teaching arts and crafts is the traditional way of introducing skills and techniques to students that can benefit them throughout their life.
  • A look here at how Crafts markets around the world operate may also give the crafts person some alternative ideas on how to promote and sell their work.
  • You will find a list of recently added posts which can be clicked on. You can try a search for a particular topic. You can also browse through a topic you find interesting by clicking on older/newer posts.
  • People are welcome to submit ideas to the site that may help enrich the Crafts industry. Even small ideas and techniques are worthy of sharing.