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Belwares Portable Beer Dispenser - Beer Dispensing Equipment System for One Can

Belwares Portable Beer Dispenser – Beer Dispensing Equipment System for One Can


Unlock the amazing taste of authentic draft beer in the comfort of your home Each beer that goes through Belmint Beer Dispenser tastes much crisper and more effervescent. Overview Enjoy a better taste of your pint – Whether you love Porter, Heineken, London Pride or Peroni beer, this home draft beer system will make your beers taste over the moon delish. This exclusive beer dispenser is a patent-pending beer system designed to change the taste and texture of your pint. It holds a standard can, yet small enough to take it to the next rooftop party Brings out the fresh tap taste & flavor to your home – We all know that fresh beer from the tap tastes better. This portable beer dispenser is constructed to bring that drinking experience and flavor that you love. How does it work? Belmint uses an engineered fluid mechanism and gas technology that enhances the texture, flavor, and taste of your beer, just like if you were to a bar and got a draft beer, but built it with home use in mind Creates beautiful pours & smooth, creamy foam – Pouring your glass of beer with this way tap beer dispenser is a breeze. It is powered by four standard AA batteries (not included). Tilt your glass to 40° degrees and pull the handle forward to tap fresh beer. Finally, to add creamy foam over the beer, simply place the glass firmly and push the handle backward – then enjoy! A perfect gift idea – Looking for a great gift that surprises your loved one? This portable beer system makes the best present. You can give this to someone who is a beer enthusiast for Christmas, birthday, Thanksgiving, and any occasion 100% satisfaction guarantee – We are confident this beer dispenser will make your favorite beers taste crispy, however, if for any reason our product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can ship it back to us for a replacement if there’s an issue or a refund Product Description The Belmint Craft Beer Dispenser is the latest innovative beer enhancer that transforms the way you enjoy

Handy Hands 169353 Handy Hands-Learn Needle Tatting Step By Step

Handy Hands 169353 Handy Hands-Learn Needle Tatting Step By Step


HANDY HANDS-This step-by-step guide is fully illustrated with very clear color photographs for each step to get you started with needle tatting. Techniques covered include forming the double stitch making picots rings and chains joining new thread and more. The author also shows how to read patterns written for the shuttle in the various styles that have been used over the years and to sue them with the needle. Once the basics have been learned the reader can then move on to try one of the pretty patterns that are included-a collar or doily edging a pillowcase edging Christmas medallion hanky edging a butterfly and a note card motif. Paperback: 28 pages. Dimensions: Height: 11 Width: 8.49 Depth: 0.31

Reinders 41428 Premium Grade M5 Colorwave 35 LED Blue to Red Christmas Lights String with Green Wire

Reinders 41428 Premium Grade M5 Colorwave 35 LED Blue to Red Christmas Lights String with Green Wire


Energy Efficient ColorWave Red to Blue 35 Light M5 Mini Ice LED Strings for Christmas, Holidays or any special occasion. Perfect for holidays and special events. 35 light energy efficient LED. Light set (can connect up to 12 strands). Each Strand is 12 feet in length (approx). NO ADAPTER PLUG NEEDED! What is COLORWAVE: COLORWAVE is a patented invention revolutionizing the decorative lighting industry. COLORWAVE makes use of multicolored Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to create a mesmerizing lighting effect. Whereas other multicolored light sets flash abruptly from one color to the next, with COLORWAVE technology each individual lamp fades gradually between colors. As well as producing a magical lighting effect, COLORWAVE provides all the benefits inherent in LED technology. Some of the benefits of LEDs are: No filament to burn out- no glass bulb to break or replace. Are cool to the touch- last over 100,000 hours. Use 1/10 the power of comparable incandescent lights. How it works: COLORWAVE uses a microcontroller based patented circuit developed by Pharos Innovations Inc. Unlike other color changing products that use direct current (DC) to control the current flowing through an LED, the circuitry provides increased efficiency by directly controlling an alternating current (AC) source. This means there are no bulky transformers required for powering a product. By changing the phase of the AC signal that passes through a string of bicolor LEDs, the color of the string is controlled. Because the circuit uses the AC current to control the LEDs, other strings plugged into the same circuit and switched on at the same time will be automatically synchronized. Due to the efficiency of the circuit and LEDs, these products use very little power. Each string of 50 lamps uses approximately 2 watts. Applications: COLORWAVE can be used both indoor and outdoor for a variety of applications. Indoor commercial applications include decorations in bars, nightclubs, restaurants and malls.

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