New Christmas Craft Ideas

Tori Spelling Shows Us How to Craft Personalized Picture Snow Globes

This week, Tori shares a fun Winter craft activity._

During the kids’ Winter break from school, we had a lot of time at home
together, which meant one thing – lots and lots of crafting! Luckily, DIY-ing
is in my DNA because Liam and Stella (and sometimes even Hattie) love nothing
more than to spend an afternoon crafting. Whether they’re making Christmas
ornaments, shrinky dinks, decor for Finn’s nursery, or tie-dye tanks, my babes
craft their little hearts out every chance they get.

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So when they were home from school and had tons of time on their hands, the
first thing we did (after recovering from the flu/food coma) was break out the
crafting supplies. We thought long and hard about what to make and came up
with two ideas that would be perfect for the holidays, but ones that we could
also display …


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