Pack Nip

Pack Nip
what would be best?

I reallly do not feel like working out today, I am just wondering what would be a really healthy dinner to sort of ‘make up’ as much as it can for not working out?

I have already has this today-
-breakfast: Smootie, Banana
-lunch: 100 cal pack cheese nips, apple, blueberry fat free yogurt
-snack: little granola and raisins

for night snack i have 100 cal packs- either kettle corn or chips ahoy!

What would you eat for dinner? (as many ideas as you have!!!)

You may not have felt like working out because your caloric intake is too low (dangerously so). You may also be over trained (some of the symptoms of such are fatigue, low energy, lack of enthusiasm, body aches and joint pains, mild or low grade fever, mood swings, etc.)
if I were you, I would take this opporunity to break my diet for a single cheat day. I would have a nice vegetarian pizza, with a Greek salad (love those olives and feta cheese), a root beer and a piece of baklava at one of my favorite restaurants.
Tmorrow I would rethink my diet. I would begin to eat five to six small meals a day comprised of 25% protien, 65% complex carbohydrates and 10% healthy fats. Each meal would fit easily into my two cupped palms held together. I would drink 16 ounces of water with each meal and, one day each week, I would schedule a cheat day to have one moderate meal that I had been craving. As you learn to eat correctly, those cravings will eventually end.
To help you, I would like to recommend two boks, both by the same author. “Body for Life” and “Eating for Life” by Bill Phillips. After reading them I would begin to follow a tasty and healthy Mediterreean diet, exercise appropriately and enjoy my life (by actually having one and not obsessing about my “diet” and my “exercie program”.
Good luck. I will say a little prayer for you. by the way, be sure the exercise your mind and your spirit as much as you do your body.

Julian McMahon ~ Nip/Tuck ~ “King Size Papa”

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